More Knowledge - Better Decisions

Our company VR Solutions was founded in September 2002.
True to our principle “More knowledge - better decisions” we focus on processes all around data visualization and offer perfect solutions to our international customers.

Virtual Simulations offer completely new possibilities to visualize complex and coherent amounts of data. In a collective experience of virtual spaces they offer the perfect base for a dialog about an issue. No aspect of a complex coherence will stay covered. The reliable base for any decisions are intuitive percipience, interaction and factual verification among all attendees.

In cooperation with our European team we are a powerful developer and distributor of state-of-the-art interactive projection systems as well as general contractor for your complete ready to use VR visualization system and it’s integration in the company processes.


Profit by our longtime experience in data visualization and use our profound knowledge of all currently available components.

As an autonomous system integrator we can offer close cooperation with the leading producers of IT and projection engineering.