About 99% of all 3D applications in the market base on the OpenGL format. VIS-3D is a software interface that works as a “layer” between the 3D application and the operating system of a computer. VIS-3D allows the multichannel visualization of native design data in an immersive environment to the user and can be used independently from any application in combination with a workstation cluster.


Integration of interaction and tracking systems allow the user a flexible handling using VIS-3D.This technologie ables a regular desktop application to get visualized in a 3D environment using a WS-Cluster. By using e. g. Dassault Systems “Immersive Review” the user has unlimited access to the native V5 data without converting the data. We also offer data access for Alias-, ICEM-, UG and GEO-data as further modules. Connections to the leading product data management (PDM) systems are a must have for optimized working. VR-Solutions offers modules according to your environment.

An important use of VIS-3D is the tracked visualization of VR data as well as immersive working without the need of buying a “P3” license of Dessault Systems or viewer licenses of other software producers. Cost savings and independence are the benefits.

A combination of virtual and aumented reality, so called “Mixed Reality”, offers well-engineered solutions, especially in service and training divisions of automotive and aircraft manufacturers. The service engineer gets the important information about the not working components “online”. Using this kind of repair failures are avoided and service is delivered just in time. Time is money!