Consulting gets more and more important for our customers. It’s essential to embed VR systems in the developing processes. Not long ago VR systems got isolated from the in-house processes and structures. Today VR systems should be used ideally in a bi-directional way of working.

Connecting VR systems to the product data management (PDM) is an ambitios challange for realtime visualization of data from the PDM system or other data bases of your company. The visualization of product data and realtime loading of data from the companys PDM demands a sophisticated and well thought out process structure.
Interaction beween native data in a space projection or on a wall and acting flexibly with them as well as constucting in a VR environment, far away from the usual workplace of a developer, make VR systems become a productive environment.

It’s not only the IT structure, that’s essential. It’s also the coordination of the complete environment of the VR system.
Meant in this case are physical plannings, climatisation, electric infrastructure as well as a high-performance IT network. And of course the synchronisation between the VR department and the companys IT is important to ensure the properly working of the VR system.

Investments in VR systems are mostly very cost-intensive. VR-Solutions advises your company non-product related to increase the effency of your VR system.

Your ROI is the main point of our view!